Whimsy Weddings: Rachel + Steven - Whimsy & Row

Whimsy Weddings: Rachel + Steven

Our girl got married!!!  By girl, I mean — founder of Whimsy + Row, Eco-Warrior and amazing friend, @MamaRaich. It’s safe to say this was the Whimsy-est Wedding there ever was!Rachel + Steven got married in Northern California July 8th. Dawn Ranch...

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A Very Sustainable Holiday - Whimsy & Row

A Very Sustainable Holiday

As we enter the Holiday season, it’s easy to lose sight of our efforts in sustainability with all of the gift buying and consuming, traveling, decorating and celebrating going on. We want to invite you to stay mindful about the ways in which you celebrate, so we put together some tips for eco-friendly Holiday-ing.  

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At home with Vicky Nonnon - Whimsy & Row

At home with Vicky Nonnon

Meet Vicky — a colorful freelance content creator with a taste for Golde Matcha Lattes and conscious sustainable living. She carries herself with the brightest vibrant energy, reading through her interview is sure to light up your day. So do yourself a favor, and froth up a yummy Turmeric latte, and scroll through our interview with Vicky. 

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Fall Faves — Team Try On - Whimsy & Row

Fall Faves — Team Try On

We've dropped A LOT of new product in the past few weeks so we wanted to take a moment and share our faves with you! Scroll on down to check out what our team has been...

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Fall Lookbook — Quarantine Kitchen - Whimsy & Row

Fall Lookbook — Quarantine Kitchen

We may be staying in and dining at home more these days, but that doesn't mean we can't look good doin' it! Your breakfast nook is now your Parisian cafe, so it's okay to dress like it!

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Recycling 101 with @Claggie - Whimsy & Row

Recycling 101 with @Claggie

Hi there, Kristine here! (aka @Claggie) Recycling is a complicated subject and I’d love to help make it a little easier for you! Here are some helpful tips.    Every city’s recycling program is different. They don’t all...

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Meet our Designer — Samantha - Whimsy & Row

Meet our Designer — Samantha

    We wanted to take a second to shine a light on the people who make up Whimsy + Row — a collection of truly inspiring and passionate women. So we're starting this little series so...

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At Home With Alyssa Julian - Whimsy & Row

At Home With Alyssa Julian

Meet Alyssa — avid coffee drinker,  small batch ceramicist, and Community Manager over at The Good Trade (our fav online resource for sustainable living). If you wander shops and boutiques on the east side of Los...

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Flora Fan Club - Whimsy & Row

Flora Fan Club

Chances are, you discovered Whimsy + Row through the Flora Pant — the crop flare that has become a staple in sustainable closets everywhere. Since their launch in 2017, we’ve worked hard each season to...

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Building Your Sustainable Closet - Whimsy & Row

Building Your Sustainable Closet

Written by guest writer, thrifter + Sustainable Fashion Advocate: @ohheyvanessa   So, you might be thinking, where do I start? Oftentimes my friends and family would come to me daunted and completely overwhelmed by the idea...

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Summer Lookbook — Relax - Whimsy & Row

Summer Lookbook — Relax

Hello R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-I-O-N. Hello sustainable self care.  When it comes to staying in, Whimsy's got you covered. From loungey house clothes to candles, to body oil. Shop the Collection here or tap any image to shop. Be...

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Summer Lookbook — Cocktails at Home - Whimsy & Row

Summer Lookbook — Cocktails at Home

You deserve a cocktail (+ a cocktail dress). Who says you can't dress up to stay in?  We recommend scrolling through with your fav drink in hand. Click on any photo to shop. Cheers!    ...

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Founder's Note : Plastic Free July - Whimsy & Row

Founder's Note : Plastic Free July

Hi friends, It’s me Rach! I’ve been a little trashier than I’d hoped this Plastic Free July. Before the pandemic, I was on a roll — but with our current times, it’s extremely difficult to...

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Summer Lookbook — The Picnic Edit - Whimsy & Row

Summer Lookbook — The Picnic Edit

We’re keeping the summer hangs close to home — like backyard close. Tap any image to shop effortless styes made for summer. Or click here.      

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At home: With Claggie - Whimsy & Row

At home: With Claggie

Kristine Claghorn (a.k.a. Claggie) is the definition of a modern renaissance women. She's a creative producer, vintage shop owner, stylist, and sustainable advocate. The list goes on. We chatted about what she's been up to...

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How to Stay Sustainable During a Pandemic - Whimsy & Row

How to Stay Sustainable During a Pandemic

Written by Sustainable Fashion Writer + Content Creator: Audrey Stanton.   Most of us hoped things would be different by now. Maybe we knew, deep down, that the COVID-19 pandemic wouldn’t be eradicated this summer, but...

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Social Justice and Sustainability - Whimsy & Row

Social Justice and Sustainability

Written by Sustainable Fashion Writer + Content Creator: Audrey Stanton  Graphic by Leah Thomas of @greengirlleah    We’ve found ourselves in a moment of long-awaited awakening: white people are finally acknowledging and reckoning with systemic...

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Black Lives Matter - Whimsy & Row

Black Lives Matter

We hope you will join us in donating your attention, time, and money to the cause. *featured art is by @sacree_frangine* Whimsy + Row is a small team of 3 full-time employees, and 7 part-time freelancers committed to...

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Our Guide to Saving Water - Whimsy & Row

Our Guide to Saving Water

Today is World Water Day. What better time than now to take a step back and reassess how we're protecting our most precious resource. - About 2.2 billion people living don't have access to safe water...

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