Meet Dena, Director of Operations

Meet Dena, Director of Operations - Whimsy & Row
Chances are, if you know Whimsy + Row, you probably know our girl Dena. In addition to being Whimsy's first ever employee, she has worn every👏 single 👏 hat👏 and earned the title of Rachel's right-hand woman. So today, we thought we'd take the time to introduce you to her, and share some of her favorite Whimsy memories + styles throughout the years. So scroll on down and meet, Dena — or go straight to shopping her picks here. 
Whimsy + Row — Blog — Meet Dena
Dena in the Lauren Top and Flora Pants
Where are you from and what inspired you to work in the fashion industry?
I grew up in Ventura, CA. My mother and brother both have worked at Patagonia for over 30 years. My mom is definitely my inspiration behind why I got into the fashion industry. We now have long conversations about the brands we work with and how they’re trying to save the planet. It’s pretty cool!
Whimsy + Row — Blog — Meet Dena

Dena in the Yellow Gingham Bandana styled as a top. 

We hear you were the first employee at Whimsy + Row, what attracted you to work here and what has your journey been like?
While I was finishing up my degree in Fashion I learned about an internship at Whimsy and Row, 5 years later and I am still here and loving it.
Whimsy + Row — Blog — Meet Dena
Dena in the Lennon Crop Lena Button Down paired with Jenn Shorts.
As the Director of Operations, what does a typical day look like for you?
Everyday is different, which is what I love most about my Job. Some days I spend planning our photoshoots, and other days I work with our owner discussing quantities and naming products. 
Whimsy + Row — Blog — Meet Dena
Dena behind the scenes of our Fall 2020 Lookbook shoot. 
What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Knowing that we are trying our best everyday to change the Fashion Industry for the better.
Whimsy + Row — Blog — Meet Dena
Dena in the Lennon Crop + Lena Button Down paired with Jenn Shorts.
Along with being the Director of Ops, you also style all the shoots and collaborate on future styles. How do you get your inspiration?
Super typical answer, but I love sourcing inspo from instagram. 
Whimsy + Row — Blog — Meet Dena
Dena in the Phoenix Dress.
What was the most memorable Whimsy event you helped put on? 
The grand opening of the store back in November 2018. We documented it for the Blog in case you missed it.
Whimsy + Row — Blog — Meet Dena
What are your favorites styes from the Whimsy + Row collections?
The Rib is a collection that I would own one of each piece in all colors if I could, so comfy and cute! I also love lounging in the Loni dress, and going out on the town in the Lauren Top. The  Whimsy piece I have had the longest- is the first ever Joan Dress and Marianne Dress in Gingham. Anyone remember those?! 
Whimsy + Row — Blog — Meet Dena
Dena in the Lauren Top and Flora Pants
For those aspiring to work at a sustainable fashion brand, what advice do you have for them?
Apply to every sustainable brand that interests you, show up to the interviews knowledgeable and passionate about clean fashion and the brand. It goes a long way!
Whimsy + Row — Blog — Meet Dena
Dena in the Lennon Crop and Finn Skirt.
Thanks for sharing with us, Dena! Catch her in store, at events, or on the gram. 

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