An Introvert's Guide to the Holidays

An Introvert's Guide to the Holidays - Whimsy & Row

As we speed towards the holidays, calendars are exploding with social obligations and seasonal activities. This time of year is perfect for those of us who are sentimental, love cheesiness, and thrive on being cozy. However, the season can come with a lot of pressure to socialize as well, and for introverted people, this can prove more overwhelming than merry. Instead of dreading all the holiday hoopla, navigate the holidays with these tips for staying festive without the stress.

Make Peace With Your Introversion

First things first: let go of any guilt or shame. You are already enough exactly as you are and there’s nothing wrong with preferring time alone. Before you can enjoy an introverted holiday season, it’s important to accept and embrace who you are. While it’s wonderful to love socializing, it is certainly not for everyone. That’s more than okay!

Whimsy + Row — Blog — An Introvert's Guide to the Holidays 

Have a Solo Holiday Film Festival

Despite what you may think, movie-watching is one of the best solo activities during the holidays. You don’t need anyone else to laugh, cry, or roll your eyes at your favorite festive films (bonus points: no one is there to make fun of your viewing choices!) Make a list of holiday movies to watch and check one—or two!—off each night. Turn this activity into a solo event with a comfy blanket, the best loungewear, and maybe even a holiday treat.  


Craft Something Festive For Yourself

Whether it’s a delicious cocktail, cozy beverage, or holiday craft, lean into making as a form of self-care. If, unlike your favorite holiday movies, you don’t enjoy making cookies with your entire family, there’s no rule that says you can’t celebrate the season on your own! Whip up a good drink, blast that holiday playlist, and make something that’ll scream holiday cheer. You can even combine the holiday film festival with festive crafts. Before you know it you’ll have a fully decorated home, a slew of homemade gifts, or at least a lot of maker mishaps to keep you giggling into the new year.

Whimsy + Row — Blog — Introvert's Guide to the Holidays


Choose Your Social Engagements Wisely

While you’re getting comfortable saying “no,” make sure you leave room for a few gatherings or activities with others. Even if you’re looking for a quiet holiday season (a la The Waitresses,) you may regret letting the season go by without seeing at least some of your loved ones. Reserve your precious energy for the few social engagements that will ultimately make you happy. Get a little extra support from a confidence-boosting outfit—whether that’s a soft turtleneck, these killer boots, or this show stopping dress!


Take Breaks and Set Boundaries

At the end of the day, there are some obligations we just can’t get out of. When these moments arise, remember to equip yourself with an emotional tool kit. Strategize an easy out such as driving yourself to the gathering or saying you have an early morning upfront so that you’re free to leave when you choose. If you’re at home with your family, partake in solo activities like walks around the neighborhood or curling up with a good book. Remember that you can’t please everyone and taking care of yourself is just as important as being there for others!


Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays fellow introverts! (and extroverts!) 

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