Together Apart - Small Biz Resources

Navigating this uncertain time has not been easy, here's a bunch of resources that we've discovered to help us little guys keep going...

Our friends at Hello!Lucky did a really amazing job of explaining the Cares Act and the steps to apply for a Grant or Loan, click HERE to learn more. 

Since we are all WFH and most likely at a stand still with production and other things that take up our energy, now is the time to focus on your online stores and MARKETING! We have found staying busy has helped us get from day to day. Let's get those creative juices flowing...

Shops like Shopify and Squarespace make creating an online shop super easy. Get your product in your customer hands quicker. Check out Eco-Enclose for all your earth friendly packaging supplies!
Post (mostly) everyday on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. You need to keep reminding your customers that you exist. Had to cancel an in person event or pop up? Bring it live on IGTV or in your insta stories, see how we did HERE. Great way to connect with your customer and bring in more sales! 


Eeekkk some of your product isn't shot! No problem, find a sunny spot inside your house or shop/studio and have some fun with your product. Maybe shooting isn't your thing, that's ok - here is a list of photographers that have at home studios or doing social distancing shoots (I guess that's a thing now) that could help you out...

Matthew Christopher Miller

Brittney Christie

Blake Bronstad

Jameson Baltes

Michelle Terris

 Have a photographer friend that isn't listed here? Email their portfolio to and we will add them in!



Increase Email Volume : We've found the more the emails the better right now. We usually do 2 a week but we've been doing 3-4 a week and it's been really helpful! The more we can remind customers we exist right now the better!

Email Tools : We use Klaviyo, but Mailchimp works too!

Grow Email List : We've found leveraging our social community to join our newsletter using incentives works! Also giveaways with brands including an email sign up form helps grow your list.

Stay Relevant and Relatable : Evolving with our current climate is important for survival. Let's not ignore the elephant in the room here. Let's be relatable to our customers as we are going through this together! This is where your creative copy writing skills will shine :) 



Here are ways you and your team can remain Eco-Friendly as a small business during this time and how to encourage your customers to as well...

If you haven't already, join our Small Biz Alliance Together Apart and give 5% of your sales to Feeding America. Email to join, everyone is welcome :)

Join the Fashion Revolution and ask the brands that you carry or yourself #whatinyourclothes and #whomadeyourclothes. People want to know there's a good story behind the clothes they purchase. This is our moment to make the shifts that our businesses need to tread lighter on our planet!  

Greenstory helps us track our environmental footprint and has helped increased our sales volume. Could help your business too. 

We've got some great tips on how to reserve water during this time HERE and how to clean your clothing responsibly HERE

Supporting our community by providing food or masks to nurses, essential businesses and delivery workers is really important. Anything helps right now and a little goes a long way!

Your business is not going to survive if you are not taking care of yourself. Here are some helpful tips that will give you the fuel to keep going. We also made a blog post about it, click HERE to view!

1. Don't overwork yourself - take sun or dance breaks!

2. Meditate or take like 5-10 min to visualize exactly how you want your company to look in 1 year. We do this exercise and it helps us achieve your goals. Also Calm or Headspace meditation apps actually help to relieve stress.

3. Leave your phone at home, go outside and take a long walk. 

4. Bring the spa to your home - put on spa music from Spotify, light some candles, draw a bath and make your bf or gf give you a massage :)    

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This is an evolving resource page with our Together Apart community. We have banned together to provide these tips, if you have resources that you would like to add to help our Alliance please email and we will add! Thanks for being here and for your help during this time :)