Meet our Designer — Samantha

Meet our Designer — Samantha - Whimsy & Row
We wanted to take a second to shine a light on the people who make up Whimsy + Row — a collection of truly inspiring and passionate women. So we're starting this little series so you can get to know who we are!
First, we caught up with our Designer, Samantha, who joined Whimsy back in September 2019! We chatted about how she got into fashion and where she finds inspiration designing Whimsy collections. 
Check out Samantha's current Whimsy designs here. If you know anything about fashion development, you know it takes time though, so lot's of her pieces are yet to hit the site (coming very soon though! YAY!) 
Grab your coffee, get comfy, and scroll on down to get to know the gal behind the clothes. ANNNND maybe you'll catch a little FALL sneaky peek!
How did you get into fashion design? 

My Mom and Grandmother were avid sewers so it was something that was a part of my life from a young age. My mom is super creative ( Public School Teachers for the win ) so this was always a big part of my childhood, projects we would sew together as well as me helping out in her small fabric store. When I got older - I would make my own alterations, sew my halloween costumes, etc. I have always loved creating, sewing and design so after I attended college, I attended FIDM program that started my career in the fashion industry! Really- I came to this industry after studying the deep impacts it has on our environment and since then have worked to combine my passion for environmental conservation and design to make the most ethical, beautiful items possible. 

 Whimsy + Row — Blog — Meet Samantha

What’s it like being a designer in the sustainable marketplace? Do you find it challenging and/or exciting?

Being a designer in the sustainable marketplace is equally rewarding and difficult ! I think the most important thing I consider is the consumption of the product via sustainable focused design. We start by considering where the yarn that is woven into fabric comes from, and if it’s made from fibers that are renewable and don’t need to be refined with harsh chemicals that hurt our environment or us. From start to finish, we are trying to make beautiful products that our customers love and that they will wear for years to come or recycle/resell when they are done with them.

I find it incredibly rewarding to do this, and usually things that are rewarding present challenges,  but we are all working very hard at Whimsy to lessen our impact and deliver quality to our customers. We hope you feel the time and love we put into every garment, making sure it lasts which ultimately leads to less waste, and how we can repurpose or recycle waste that is created. It’s not easy or quick - but we like it that way ! 

 Whimsy + Row — Blog — Meet our Designer, Sam
 Samantha in our Laura Top
When you are designing a new season, where do you look for inspiration?

Everywhere ! Street style ( when that was a thing ;), Vintage books and patterns, TV shows, online research, shopping the market, instagram style, etc.

I like to keep a small notebook with me and when the moment strikes - I sketch or make a note on something that sticks out to me. Gives me time later to go back and reflect, notice trends, and filter through things because there is pretty much something out there for everyone.  

Whimsy + Row — Blog — Meet our Designer, Sam 
What’s the most enjoyable part of the design process?

Coming up with the ideas ! Doing the research, taking time to think about our concepts and how we can make pieces that are great quality, comfortable,  and rise above momentary trends so that you can continue to love what you buy from us for years to come. This is the key to sustainable driven design - we want you to love what you buy from us for years to come or be able to repurpose it. I love creating things I know make people feel most like themselves and that celebrates our diverse, unique beauty. 

 Whimsy + Row — Blog — Meet our Designer, Sam

Samantha in our Laura Top


What’s your fav piece out of the 2020 Spring Summer collection and why?

My favorite piece from the SS20 Collection is the Ellie Jumpsuit. I got the inspiration from watching a British TV show set in the 1930s in Greece ( I’m a BBC Addict ! ) and was struck by how simple and elegant the vintage jumpsuits were in the show, especially in patterns we might normally shy away from now. I’m personally a fan of jumpsuits because it makes dressing so easy, and this one is elegant, comfortable and I always imagined wearing island hopping in Greece. The sleeve design is a throwback from that era, and I personally prefer to wear this one a bit looser with some espadrilles when I need to feel those vacation vibes while we work through the isolation of  COVID. I hope people enjoy this jumpsuit as much as I did creating it ! 

Whimsy + Row — Blog — Meet our Designer, Sam
The Ellie Jumpsuit 
The Laura Top is one of your favorite pieces you've designed for Whimsy. Tell us about it! 

Laura Top came out of my desire to make something that is the answer to - what do I wear when I want to look cute but don’t want to try too hard ? I love the convertibility of the wrap and the puff sleeve adds just a hint of playfulness and femininity. When I was younger, I remember flipping to an article in my moms magazine about Dianne Von Furstenburg and her revolutionary wrap dress. From that moment on I always thought that the wrap style really represented how women can be so flexible and open to change. This was at a time when women were entering the workforce and gaining more independence, the wrap dress made getting dressed easy for working women while still looking elegant and professional. Making a top version of this makes it the easiest thing to throw on with a cute skirt or a pair of jeans - day, night, or anything in between.  

 Whimsy + Row — Blog — Meet our Designer, Sam

Samantha in the Laura Top
Thank you for taking the time to share, Samantha! 
Keep up with her by following her on instagram. ;)
We can't wait for you to get to know the rest of our team!
More to come...

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