Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter - Whimsy & Row

We hope you will join us in donating your attention, time, and money to the cause. *featured art is by @sacree_frangine*

Whimsy + Row is a small team of 3 full-time employees, and 7 part-time freelancers committed to incorporating anti-racism efforts into our company structure. In our on-going effort, we appreciate your thoughts and ideas and hope you will continue to make suggestions and engage with us. However,  know that in the end, company wide cultural competence is our responsibility and it is our duty to figure out how to restructure from the inside out. ⁣


We want to share what the W+R team has been discussing in our efforts be be an actively anti-racist brand; Not to give ourselves a sticker, or a pat on the back, but because you’ve been rightfully asking what tangible things Whimsy + Row will do beyond an instagram post or a neatly packed PR statement.⁣


— We will diversify, reflecting our community as we hire within our team, our models, the influencers we work with. ⁣

— We will allocate 15% of our wholesale shelf space to black-owned companies and have taken the @15percentpledge founded by @aurorajames.

— We will continue to use our platform to amplify social justice causes. We will expand our blog, hosting conversations about sustainable fashion alongside the causes and issues aligned with W+R’s ethos — amplifying the perspectives of black women and POC, working with writers who offer ranging perspectives. 


Signed, the Whimsy Team 

Rachel Temko - Owner / Creative Director

Dena Simpson - Director of Operations

Kate Ludwig - Digital Marketing 

Jenn Yeung - Operations & Production Assistant

Jenn Daly - Director of Growth

Peri Donch - Production Manager

Samantha Garcia - Designer

Elle Lynch - Sales Rep

Cory Sargeant - PR

Sherry Landow - Chief Financial Officer



Instagram — Black Live Matter Reposts / Resources — Whimsy and Row


 Here is some positive change that has been happening due to the protests! 


We also wanted to use our platform to share petitions and organizations we are supporting. We hope you'll join us in taking the time to read through + sign, and donate money where you can. 
Petitions + Email Templates 
Email your local reps about police brutality based on your Zip Code with 2 clicks. 
( a 17 year old kid made this site. So inspiring!)

Justice for George 

Justice for Breonna Taylor 
Justice for David McAtee
Justice for Robert Miller
Life for a Life: Mandatory Life Sentencing for Police Brutality Resulting in Death
NAACP Petition
for Criminal Justice Reform, Expansion of Student Loan Relief, Expansion of Medicaid, & the Expansive of Federal Funding for Election Administration
Defund the Police 
15% Pledge 
Calling on major retailers to pledge 15% of their shelf space to Black-owned businesses
Donation Funds: 
George Floyd Memorial Fund 
Gianna Floyd Fund
Tony McDade Fund

Black Lives Matter 
Black Visions Collective
Reclaim the Block
Equal Justice Initiative
How to Donate with no $
Further Reading / Quick Links:
MORE Black-owned Businesses to Support  by  Sarah Mian
Kids Essential Reading for Anti-Racism Work by Moving Parts Psychotherapy 
How to Help the Movement if you Can't Make it to a Protest by Same Faces Collective
How to actively be Anti-Racist by GoodGoodGood Co
Your Anti-Racist Reading List by Angela Adeoluwayemi 
Here are some black-owned independent businesses to support  by Victoria George
A list of Black Queer & Trans Organizations to Support by Aiden harton
222 black-owned food businesses in Los Angeles by Kat Hong  
Environmentalists for Black Lives Matter by Green Girl Leah
Fashion's Lack of Diversity has Real Costs by Vogue Business 
Protestor Resources 
Resmaa Menakem - 'Notice the Rage, Notice the Silence' Podcast
5 Podcasts at the intersection of Pride Month and the Black Lives Matter Movement by Phoebe Lett
5 Black-Created Podcasts For People Who Want To Be Allies by Larah Yearwood

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