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At Home With Alyssa Julian - Whimsy & Row
Meet Alyssa — avid coffee drinker,  small batch ceramicist, and Community Manager over at The Good Trade (our fav online resource for sustainable living). If you wander shops and boutiques on the east side of Los Angeles, you may have spotted her ceramic pieces at Individual Medley or PF Candle Co.  Alyssa is always up to something creative — scroll down and get to know what she's been up to during quarantine, and click to shop any of her looks. We recommend giving her a follow too ;) 
Alyssa's Instagram | Alyssa's Website | The Good Trade  
Whimsy + Row — Blog — At Home with Alyssa Julian
Whimsy + Row — Blog — At Home With Alyssa  
What’s something you’ve learned about yourself during quarantine?
Oh, where to begin? Quarantine has really forced me to slow down, which has brought so much to light for me. Who makes me happy, what makes me happy, what refills my energy well, etc. I’m incredibly fortunate to be working through this time, and slowing down outside of that—exploring the outdoors more, getting quality time in with close friends and family, and recalibrating who I am and what I bring to the world. We’re in such a pivotal period of change, both individually and globally, so I’m working on educating myself and moving forward in the best way I can. 
Whimsy + Row — Blog — At Home With Alyssa  
    What hobby have you taken up or been working on lately?

    I’ve recently started cycling, if that could be considered a hobby! Both my partner and I got gravel/all around bikes, so we’re hoping to go on a bike tour (like backpacking on a bicycle) before summer's end. Beyond that, I’ve been exploring cooking and baking much more than usually—I love to cook, and always have, but I definitely think we’ve become more adventurous in the kitchen! 


      Whimsy + Row — Blog — At Home With Alyssa    
        What’s something in your home you found a new appreciation for?

        The light! My apartment has east, south, and west facing windows, but I’m typically gone for most of the day when it’s brightest. Now that I’ve been home, I’ve come to really appreciate how much light affects my mood, work habits, etc.

          Whimsy + Row — Blog — At Home With Alyssa

        How has COVID impacted how you approach your work and social media strategy?

        COVID has really forced me to push the limits of my creativity, and also asked me to consider sensitivity around certain subjects! We’re in a period of such heightened emotions, I feel like I have to approach my work with even more empathy and understanding for everyone’s unique circumstances—more so than pre-COVID. I think social media is a great place to inspire and educate people, so we’re definitely implementing more educational-style posts, especially relevant to current issues!


        Whimsy + Row — Blog — At Home With Alyssa

        We love what The Good Trade stands for, what drew you to work for them?
        I, too, love what The Good Trade stands for! I love the accessible approach to subjects that can seem daunting, like sustainability and ethical fashion! They’re both such overwhelming subjects with SO much information, and I think TGT does an amazing job at creating content that’s approachable and straight-forward. I was (and still am) especially excited to work for a female-founded company whose values aligned so perfectly with my own, and I’m so grateful to work alongside an amazing team of badass ladies who are getting it DONE.  
          Whimsy + Row — Blog — At Home With Alyssa
        What’s bringing you the most joy during this time?

        I’m having a hard time narrowing it down to just one thing, so here are a few that come to mind!


        My partner! So glad to be navigating this time with him by my side, exploring emotions, new territories, and keeping each other entertained.


        How alive my neighborhood is in the day. I love hearing the ice cream truck, the man selling fruit cups on the corner, and my neighbors chatting from their balcony to the building across the street. It makes me grateful for a sense of community, despite not really being able to be together! 💛


        Outdoor time! SO important. 

         Whimsy + Row — Blog — At Home With Alyssa

        What is currently in your Whimsy Shopping Cart? 

        Hmm...everything!? Kidding! I love the Samantha dress—it’s the perfect amount of flowy for a day at home, but also have my eye on the Valentina top or Scarlette dress for an at-home date night. 

        Whimsy + Row — Blog — At Home with Alyssa

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