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We are Whimsy + Row, a lifestyle brand for the creative, adventurous lady. What does Whimsy + Row mean you ask? For us it means balance and represents two different styles we love - the feminine and the minimal - us ladies never align with just one.

We design flirty effortless clothes for the modern lady. All sustainably made in small batches in DTLA from recycled fabric. You can find them chillin’ in our boutique based in Mar Vista that specializes in handmade and ethically made goods.

Interested in hearing more? Our journey starts with our founder, Rachel, a born entrepreneur and curator. Knowing that she always wanted to start her own thing, she hustled hard at Fashion school in SF, where her love for sustainability began. Then, leaped into her career from the bottom, actually packaging boxes in a warehouse for a fashion tech start-up. She was determined to learn all the details behind the fashion industry. Was managing 70 humans at one point. Finally fed up with all the hoopla that goes behind the scenes, she broke off and launched Whimsy + Row. Not excited about the waste and egos, she decided Whimsy + Row would be friendly, accepting, eco-friendly, fair and a loving brand. All good vibes here please!

Our story continues with flea markets and bazaars - buying vintage and reselling it. Every weekend we would pop up a 10 x 20 open air boutique. For two years, loading and unloading a 89 Chevy Suburban and popping up and down was our life. You better believe we’re strong AF. With a few handcrafted local brands to curate in, we began to expand. Our flea market years taught us everything, we learned so much about you, our customer! Plus we were literally everywhere, so lots of peeps started hearing about us! Yay!

So one thing led to the next and we opened our first storefront in LA with the Mar Vista Art Department! We handle the retail and they do the workshops and events. Check out all their radness here. It’s been a dream, we’ve all really become a family. Don’t believe us? Pop in the shop and see for yourself - 12513 Venice Blvd !

Next, we wanted more… most of the brands we were carrying were good, but not great. We still didn’t know exactly what their process looked like and if they were even ethical. Rachel’s best friend Eva said she could lend a hand with her 10 years of fashion design experience. As a team they created Whimsy + Row’s eco-friendly clothing line. We already knew what our customers loved, so it felt super natural for us.

What makes us eco-friendly you ask? We reduce our footprint in every action we take…

  • We use Deadstock Fabric : Excess fabric from other brands that buy into fabric minimums. These are fabrics that get lost in a huge warehouse and eventually end up at landfills. It’s perfect, we treasure hunt, find the best ones and cut as many pieces as we can out of them.
  • Less Fabric Waste : We make bandanas and tops out of the excess fabric we have.
  • No plastic & less boxes : When your goods are made overseas your merch is packaged in plastic poly bags, put in a box filled with paper, filled with peanuts and then sent off to the owner. We cut out all that nonsense and straight up pick it up from the factory on hangers and deliver it to our warehouse. No extra waste, thanks!
  • Low Impact Fabrics : We choose low impact fabrics like viscose, tencel, and rayon.
  • No water : There was no water on our end that goes into making our clothing.
  • Packaging : We use and recycle all of our packaging supplies. All that waste that other stores send us, we reuse that! Our new packaging materials that we use for online shipments are made from 100% recycled materials and are recyclable. Even our tote bags, neck labels and hangtags are made from recycled materials. Boom take that!
  • Quality : Our goods are built to last and we recommend eco-friendly ways to care for it, so it will last forever!
  • No extra inventory : We cut smaller quantities - this way the pieces we make are unique and you won’t see everyone and their mom wearing it. You might see that same style but in a bunch of different fabrics.