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Red Cedar Leaf Salve

$ 12.00

Rehydrate and repair. Made for anyone, anytime, anywhere.  Crafted with infused oil from raw plants and parts, foraged from the wild.  

The sweet scent of nature on the go!  We trek deep into the magnificent forest to forage the red cedar leaf we infuse into our oil for these beautifully healing and soothing balms 

FUN for the whole family and gentle enough as well!  We reccomend keeping one in the car, on the night table and on a person.  You will soon AGREE and understand why we never leave home without it!!


Shea butter, organic/natural Canadian beeswax, grapeseed oil infused wild crafted red cedar leaf, avocado butter

Do not store in direct sunlight.  If your Harlow product melts, place in refrigerator until solid.  If your product returns to solid at room temperature crystallizing may occur, this only affects texturenot performance of product. 

1 oz 30 ml