Palermo Aromatherapy Oil Set

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Palermo Aromatherapy Oil Set - Whimsy & Row
Palermo Aromatherapy Oil Set - Whimsy & Row


Enlivening Aromatherapy Oil 
Grapefruit | Lemongrass | Tea Tree
For focus and clarity of mind. This stimulating blend assists with concentration and inspires productivity. Use this oil for an immediate pick-me-up.

Vitality Aromatherapy Oil 
Jasmine | Sandalwood | Cardamom
For spontaneity and inner-confidence. This romantic blend is purely enticing and sparks curiosity. Use this oil for a touch of spirit. 

Tranquility Aromatherapy Oil
Lavender | Blue Yarrow | Cypress
For comfort and soothing exhaustion. This nurturing blend relieves nervous exhaustion and mental fatigue. Use this oil for a bit of repose.

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