Dal Rae Freya Hat

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Dal Rae Freya Hat - Whimsy & Row
Dal Rae Freya Hat - Whimsy & Row
Dal Rae Freya Hat - Whimsy & Row


Made from 100% Guatemalan palm leaves. This hat also includes a foam padded cotton sweatband that reduces in size about 1% with heat and moisture (aka if you sweat!) This is around 1/2 of a hat size (1/16" in diameter.) We recommend that you buy a hat that is a little bit loose to allow for shrinkage, or one size large than you normally wear.

To Reshape

Hats can be reshapred by lightly misting with a spray bottle (water only) while holding in formation for at least a few hours until the straw has dried. The straw can get wet, but not soaked, to reshape as needed. Handle with care. It is not totally waterproof or packable. Best stored when not in use in a cool, dry place.

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Fit & Measurements

The difference between each hat size is 1/8" in diameter from side to side, or only 1/16" on each side of your head. The foam provided can be inserted under the hatband to reduce the size of the hat if it's feeling slightly too large.

Fit Details

Hat Band - the had band (on available sizes) is adjustable and can be tightened or loosened. Tightening or loosening the hatband can change the size of the hat by as much as two sizes.

Moisture - when wet, the palm absorbs water and expands, making the hat fit tighter. This will be the case after reshaping the hat. As it dries, the hat will loosen up again.

Best way to fit the hat to your head - wear the hat when it is wet to help it conform the shape and size of your head. Hair thickness also affects fit.

XS - 20 6/8

S - 20 7/8

M - 21

L - 21 1/8