Alohas Nomad Black Braided Sandal

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Flat square-soled and open-toed sandals. Featuring two thick, scrunched up bands tied into a single knot around the front.

Product Type: Sandal Sole 

Height: 1 cm

Material: Leather

Color: Black

Made in Spain

Overproduction in fashion is one of the world’s biggest environmental threats. Alohas refuses to make that problem worse. Their pre-order system allows us to accurately anticipate demand levels prior to production, so they only produce the amount of shoes we’re really going to sell. 

The new carbon offset feature on their website enables donations to help reduce the overall carbon footprint of e-commerce. 

Producing locally ensures a lower carbon footprint, regular visits to manufacturing facilities by the team to ensure prime labor conditions, and in their case, careful craftsmanship by trusted artisans.

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