Norden Big Sur 12 oz. Ceramic Candle

Norden Big Sur 12 oz. Ceramic Candle


Big Sur is one of the most enchanting places we have ever been, and that's what keeps us going back year after year. This fragrance is the result of a trip we took to Deetjen's in the Spring. While we were there, an intense rain storm passed through, downing trees and temporarily closing down the road. In the morning, we hiked up to the bench at the top of the hill above. As it was pouring rain, the smell of pine, cedarwood, earth, and moss was enhanced by the wood smoke rising out of the cabin chimneys below.

Oakmoss, Pine, Citrus, Wood Smoke

Smells Like
Being in a mossy cedar and pine forest with a slight hint of campfire.

  • Hand thrown, Matte Bone, Black Glaze
  • Handmade and poured in California
  • Wash out and reuse after burning
  • Coconut & Apricot Wax Blend
  • Approximate 80 Hour Burn Time
      Norden Big Sur 12 oz. Ceramic Candle