Beanie in Latte


Beanie in Latte - Whimsy & Row
Beanie in Latte - Whimsy & Row

Fabric & Care

  • 30% Baby Alpaca 70% Organic Cotton

For best results, hand wash on cold with like colors with delicate soap and lay flat or line dry.

About Our Fabric

Baby Alpaca- Fastly becoming the most sustainable material due to its light footprint on our planet, efficiency (one alpaca produces 4-5 sweaters) Ours is sourched from ethical farms in peru. Regularly monitered by UPW and ICCAW. To ensure the best living stadards of the alpaca. Feel at ease knowing our friends are safe and healthy. Yarns are Oeko Tex.

Organic Cotton - Our 100% certified organic cotton means natural, untreated GMO-free seeds, healthy soil through crop rotation, and natural defoliation. Just overall healthier for the farmers, the environment, and our customers!

Your Impact From Buying This Product

Fit & Measurements

  • Thick
  • Cozy
  • Stretchy

One Size Fits All