Scrunchie in Lady Print

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Scrunchie in Lady Print - Whimsy & Row
Scrunchie in Lady Print - Whimsy & Row

Fabric & Care

    • 54%Rayon + 46%Viscose
  • For best results, please clean at your nearest eco-friendly dry cleaners.

About Our Fabric

Printed Viscose Crepe - Viscose, aka a type of rayon, is also made from wood pulp, but not entirely natural. This fabric requires a little more man-made love to get the right feel and quality. But, we do make sure that the production process (dyeing, printing, finishing) of this material is eco-friendly through Bluesign Certification. The end result is a 100% Oeko-Tex certified Viscose. We use viscose rather than virgin rayon because it’s considered more sustainable for its biodegradability.

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